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Wolfram tunic linen white


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Product information "Wolfram tunic linen white"

The tunic was wide spread within Europe from the antiquity up to the late medieval period. It was worn by men and women in various patterns and in all social classes. Tunics are found in todays T-Shirt and have influenced our culture like no other piece of clothing has. The linen tunic from our "Wolfram" series is liberally cut and the perfect undergarment for the hot summer days. The cooling properties of the linen and the moisture absorbing and tear-resistance of the cotton make this the ideal choice for summer. The neckline is closed with two strings, small buttons close the sleeves on the wrists.

The tunic is bell-shaped below the belt and has a long slit in the front. This provides the neccessary movability for the user when dancing, running or sword fighting. Wear it underneath a gambeson - the moisture controling properties make it the perfect undergarment under existing padding. Combined with a pait of pants, a simple belt and some small belt bags, it is a basic costume for medieval markets or LARP events.

Material: half-linen (50% linen, 50% cotton)
Size: S to XXXL

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