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On MYTHOLON.COM  You will find novelties, top sellers and everything from medieval cutlery to plate armor. It doesn't matter if beginner or an old hand, here you can find yourselves well & equip cheaply. For LARP, the next Medieval Markets or weddings or just for historical reenactment.

It's all about the basics!

Under Mytholon Basics we have put together simple individual pieces for you that simply combine with each other to create great medieval garb. These pieces get even better when they can be individualized with just a few simple steps. You can find inspiration for this on our Facebook page.

Gadaric tunic canvas blue
Size: M

Leopold padded bracers suede
Colour: black

Alina undergarment canvas blue
Size: S

Jonathan shirt canvas cream
Colour: cream | Size: XL

Gadaric tunic canvas brown
Size: XXL

Orthello suede vest light brown
Colour: light brown | Size: L

Godwin tunic canvas brown Discontinued
Size: XXL

€13.95* €27.91* (50.02% saved)
Claudia blouse cream
Colour: cream | Size: XXL

Ignaz tabard
Colour: black/green

Only 3 available
Breeches Kilian black
Colour: black | Size: M

Isabell skirt black/cream
Size: L

Gustav gambeson
Colour: black | Size: S


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