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Bastian shirt linen brown LIMITED EDITION


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Product information "Bastian shirt linen brown LIMITED EDITION"

Limited edition, only while stocks last

Made from a mixed fabric of linen and cotton which combines the cooling effects of linen and the moisture-absorbing and tear-resistance of cotton, "Bastian" is a shirt with a generous and wide cut that makes it ideal for the summer. The collar is adorned with quillings and has a lace tying just below.

Particularly the widely cut sleeves that are ruffled and tied just above the wrist, contribute to the casual style of this shirt. When worn with pants, a simple belt and a belt bag, this shirt will service as a basic outfit fit for medieval fairs already. The belt shown is not included in this offer. We invite you to browse our stock to find the matching piece for your needs.

Material: 50% linen, 50% cotton
Sizes: S to XXL


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